Commercial Services


Commercial Services

There are many reasons why an employer may need to send employees to Dulles Urgent Care. There’s trauma, of course, but also random drug or alcohol screening, DOT or Immigration Physicals, or workers compensation evaluations. Our certified doctors can treat your employees quickly and either prescribe treatment or get them back to work quickly:


Random Drug and Alcohol Breath Test Screening

Employees who show up to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol put your entire business at risk. We can provide both drug and alcohol screening for any employee on a walk-in basis.


Pre-employment drug screening

Before you sign on a new employee, it’s often wise to screen he or she for drug use. We can provide this service on a walk-in basis.


Workers compensation evaluation

As part of your workers compensation paperwork it’s wise–and often required–to first have a doctor evaluate the employee’s medical concern. We provide workers compensation reports for the following:

• Burns

• Lacerations

• Accidental injuries

• X-rays

• Treatment, if required

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