Laboratory Procedures


Laboratory Procedures

At Dulles Urgent Care Medical Center, we understand that when you’re sick, you want to know why and what is required to feel better quickly. Sometimes diagnosis requires laboratory work, such as blood testing, skin scrapes, or urine analysis. Whatever it is, our experienced staff can either handle it on site or send to a specialized laboratory for further investigation. We routinely test for:


Bloodwork samples can yield a wide variety of medical knowledge, which is why we routinely pull blood when conducting physicals. Blood can shed light on why you’re not feeling quite right, and test for diseases. Our staff makes the process as painless as possible.

Strep throat

Our experienced staff will take a swab of your throat to confirm if that nasty sickness is strep throat or not.

Flu check

Is it flu or just a cold? A flu check will shed light on that question and help our doctors prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Mono test

Has your teenager or young adult been feeling run down with cold-like symptoms? It could be mono, and our test can confirm it.

Pregnancy test

Are you pregnant or not? We can let you know with a walk-in test.

Urine test

Like bloodwork, urine can tell our doctors quite a bit about your health and wellbeing. We can test your sample for health knowledge, or test your employees to confirm drug use.

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